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History of

The phrase “” was first coined around the middle of the 1920′s, it meant a piece of music had “popular” appeal. Numerous things that took place during the recordings of the 20′s could be seen as being the start of the modern day industry, which includes rhythm and blues music, as well as, country, folk, and others.

Pop music has been a profitable industry in America since the 19th century, but Early Pop/Rock is a style that took shape in the post-rock & roll era, once the more conservative elements of the record industry had come to terms with the new musical landscape. Early Pop/Rock emerged in the late '50s, as the initial rock & roll craze began to die down, and a lighter, smoother (but still similar) alternative to rock was needed. Mostly a singles medium, Early Pop/Rock was influenced by the beat, arrangements, and style of rock & roll (and sometimes doo wop), and it didn't sound bad on the radio next to rock & roll.

What is ?

Perhaps an expanded view of pop, which has numerous meanings, but, as the catch-all music fan's term for sticky sounds, inauthentic identity, and commercial crazes of every sort, remains the best word for all that is heard, loved, and yet rarely ennobled. Pop history becomes the one thing that pop itself can never afford to be: defamiliarized. Several pieces intersect at a complicated angle with hip-hop – a music that has called rock assumptions into constant question with its pop vitality, continued coherence as a genre, and non-baby boomer relationship to the musical and sociocultural past.

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