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Blush is an Asian girl group originally composed of five members from the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. They were formed by FarWest Entertainment in 2010 with the intent of popularizing an Asian vocal act in the United States as well as in all of Asia. They perform in the English language and are based in Los Angeles, California. A reality show called Project Lotus: The Search for Blush[6] about how the band was formed, premiered on Channel V on March 8, 2012. The group was the first Asian group to have its debut single hit the top 3 on a major US Billboard Chart when "Undivided" feat. Snoop Dogg made No. 3 on the Billboard Dance/Play Chart. Their second single "Dance On" got to No. 1 on that chart.


  • Make You Blush (2015)


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